Top 10 Northern Irish Food

Growing up in Northern Ireland ensures you develop a long and lasting love for certain foods unique to the region. But which tasty treats are worthy of this devotion?

Well, here’s our take on Northern Ireland’s Top 10 Favourite Food

Top 10 Northern Irish Food

#01 Ulster Fry

Ulster Fry

Perhaps the most renowned of Northern Irish delicacies is the world famous Ulster Fry.  Brace yourself and those arteries for more fried bread than you can shake a sausage at.  But oh so good when you bite into that fried soda farl with a runny egg on top.  Yummy

#02 Soda Farls

Soda Farls

As mentioned above, this soft little pillow of a loaf is an essential part of any Northern Ireland fry-up, but is a sheer delight in its own right.  Try it fresh from the griddle pan with lashings of butter and jam for that died and gone to heaven taste sensation.

#03 Caramel Squares

Caramel Squares

Ok technically you can of course get caramel squares in most of the UK, but nowhere does it better than Northern Ireland.  Head for your nearest bakery, buy 4, scoff them all now.  If you don’t live in Northern Ireland, get yourself over here and repeat as above.

#04 Dale Farm Ice-creams

Dale Farm Ice-creams

So many warm and fuzzy memories of childhood trips encompassing one or several of Dale Farm’s iconic ice-creams and lollies.  Hand up if you *heart* Mr Frosties?  And what’s not to adore about Percy Pig and cheeky Polly Pineapple.

#05 Champ


You may have noticed that potatoes are quite important to us.  We have all kinds of spuds here, pinks, blues, whites – it’s like Morse code for carbs.  We love potatoes and the very best thing you can do with a potato is make champ with it.  There are different variations of this mouth-watering dish but in the main you’ll find its mashed potato with butter, scallions (spring onions), milk, salt & pepper.  I so want a bowl of champ right now.

#06 Tayto Crisps


Another very good use of the humble potato.  Tayto crisps are quite rightly revered in Northern Ireland.  Nothing quite compares to them.  Cheese & Onion is of course the classic choice, but there are other scrummy flavours too.

#07 Potato Bread

Potato Bread

You can see a theme emerging here can’t you.  Another feature of the Ulster Fry, potato bread combines our love of bread and potatoes into one truly amazing food.  Soo good fried up with a bit of bacon…  We should really mention Wheaten bread too at this juncture.  Very very lovely dipped in a bowl of mussels.

 #08 Yellow Man

Yellow Man

A curious thing with a curious name, Yellow Man is basically a close cousin of honeycomb, only much more likely to crack your tooth.  Find it at fairs, markets and other joyous places.  If you need a serious sugar fix, Yellow Man is your man. So to speak.

#09 Irish Stew


What could be more heart some than a big steaming bowl of Irish Stew?  Of course this classic dish can be found on both sides of the border on the island, so we can’t absolutely claim it to be a Northern Irish thing.  But technicalities aside, not a man, woman or child in the province does not yearn for their Mother’s Irish Stew on a blustery Autumn day.

#10 Dulse


Let’s end on a contentious note. There are those that love Dulse, there are those that don’t so much, and there are those when faced with it come out in hives.  This salty seaweed snack can be found in crumpled paper bags in many a pocket on the Northern Ireland coast.  Particularly when the Ould Lammas fair is in town.  Go on, try it again.  You might just be persuaded.


So, anything you think we’ve missed?  Tell us about it below….

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  1. Sabará says:

    I thought the food of Northern Ireland was the same as Ireland.

  2. hi Sabara, actually there are quite a few unique foods people from Northern Ireland particularly love!

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