Images of Northern Ireland – Matt Woodhouse

We’re showing off some more gorgeous images of Northern Ireland now with this little collection from talented photographer Matt Woodhouse.  Matt loves to get out and about with his camera taking shots of whatever inspires him…

We love the Dark Hedges, so atmospheric, and the iconic Giant’s Causeway below…  Which one is your favourite?

Images of Northern Ireland – Matt Woodhouse

The Giants Sunset

Giant's Causeway Matt Woodhouse

“This was a beautiful sunset at The Giant’s Causeway. I captured this on a miserable rainy evening, but its usually between rain showers that you get the most beautiful light!”

Bregagh Blizzard

Dark Hedges Snow - Matt Woodhouse

“This was actually taken on the way back from grocery shopping! I always have my camera with me, and on this occasion, another blizzard had started, and instead of rushing home before it got worse, I took a de-tour to see how the trees looked. Shielding myself with the car I managed to capture this shot!”

Murlough Bay

Murlough Bay - Matt Woodhouse

“This was a beautiful sunrise recently, at the secluded Murlough Bay, I just love how the light falls on the land.”

An Irish Sunset

Sheep Island - Matt Woodhouse

“I tried to go for a different angle on the beautiful Sheep Island, this time I included a freshly cut field. There is no sky in this shot, just land and water, with the green grass and the colour of the sunset this shot just screams Ireland”

Bregagh Road

Dark Hedges Northern Ireland - Matt Woodhouse

“Another shot of The Dark Hedges, this time taken just before sunrise one summers morning at 0430am. I was bored waiting on the sun, so I parked my car and shone the headlights onto the trees, to light them from below. I set up my tripod directly in front of the car and took the shot.”

Calm Before The Storm

Ballycastle Beach - Matt Woodhouse

“This shot of The Pans Bridge on Ballycastle Beach was taken by chance. I happened to be driving past the beach when I noticed the storm clouds brewing. With those clouds and the calmness of the sea I figured it would make a real moody Black and White.”

Want to see some more?  You can view more of Matt’s gorgeous images of Northern Ireland here:

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  1. Roisin Mcmeel says:

    Hello, I’m just wondering where I could buy one of Matthew Woodhouse pictures. I’m interested in the giants causeway one.
    Thanks Roisin

  2. Hi Roisin, you can contact Matt on his Facebook page on the above link. THanks

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